What Are the Direct Causes of Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction?

Both diabetes and erectile dysfunction may have profound negative impact on one’s quality of life. The question popping up on many people’s minds is what exactly are the direct causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction? To understand the causes, people must understand first what these two afflictions are.

Biological or extraneous factors like stress may trigger erectile dysfunction, a health problem characterized by consistent inability of men to achieve/maintain erection necessary to perform/finish sex/ Diabetes, on the other hand, is a severe metabolic disorder requiring the afflicted to keep their blood sugar (glucose) levels as near to normal as possible, and impede the start of diabetes complications, including blood vessel damage, which impairs sexual functioning. Because diabetes may exist for many years unnoticed, it is possible for some men to have developed erectile dysfunction even without realizing that it may have been caused by diabetes. Undetected diabetes or atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) may trigger sexual dysfunction. Hormone balance

Both diabetes and erectile dysfunction must be treated as early as possible. An interesting study conducted on diabetes and erectile dysfunction show that ED in diabetic men may actually be due to a selective defect on the brain.

Other direct causes of diabetes and erectile dysfunction, aside from a physiological defect or chronic health problem, are the intake of drugs like antidepressants (which heighten the risk of those prone to the disorders); advancing age; an unhealthy lifestyle that includes smoking, physical inactivity and obesity. Obesity places extra strain on body systems, thereby disrupting the delicate balance required to achieve an erection. Aside from obesity, smoking and tobacco use have likewise been directly linked to the rise in type II diabetes and erectile dysfunction

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